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About Garon Construction

Garon Corporation is a construction company started over 30 years ago by Gary and Mary Welsh as a business specializing in concrete work. As the need for better quality custom homes grew, Garon evolved into a company able to specialize in all aspects of a custom home from the ground up.    

Today Garon is a family owned business with Gary, daughter Stacy, and sons Mike and Ryan. Garon takes a hands-on approach to every aspect of the building process. With the use of our CAD draftsman, we are able to first design the house that exactly meets your needs. Once the plans are complete, our sales staff will go over your needs and complete a bid package for your house established from your exact needs. Once all the numbers are finalized, we start the construction process.  Unlike other construction companies, Garon is able to do all aspects of the construction of your home ourselves. We Can handle all the concrete, framing, and finishing of your home. Your home will always have a family member on the site to make sure everything is done to your exact detail.

For some, the process of building a custom home can be a hard and trying experience, but at Garon, we will prepare you and help you through every detail of building a custom home to make this an enjoyable experience.
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