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Building Process From Start To Finish

 Planning for Your Home
     We will begin planning for your home by helping you select a lot , either from one owned by Garon, or any other of your choice.
     Our own draftsman will  then create a detailed blueprint to fit your specific needs using a CAD program, so you be able to visualize your new house before it has been built.
     As a part of the planning process we will assist you in choosing reliable subcontractors to complete your electrical, plumbing, heating and a/c needs.

 Material List and Bid
     Once a plan is established we will make a list of materials using your house plan and plans from past houses we have built that are similar to yours.
     By using the material list and the floor plan we can calculate the hours of labor it will take to complete your project.
    With all of the necessary information we can make a bid to establish a fair and competitive price for your new home.

     We begin the foundation by forming and pouring the footings ourselves to ensure a strong and stable base.
     To provide you with a sturdy foundation we pour solid concrete walls reinforced with 1/2" steel to maximize the tensile strength of your walls.
     Drain tile will then be installed around the foundation to keep your basement dry throughout the year.

     The lumber used in our custom homes is the best quality, and comes from our  local lumberyards.
    We start framing with engineered floor trusses along with a 3/4" thick subfloor.
     Once the floor is built we construct the walls according to plan you have chosen for your new home with 2x6 studs.
     The next step of framing will be to set the rafters that are manufactured specifically for your house.
     When all the framing is done we will personally insulate both the walls and the ceiling to ensure that your home is energy efficient.

Finish Work
     With the help of our skilled workers we are able to finish your house inside and out.
     The interior will be finished with the trim and cabinets which you can choose to customize the style of each room.
     When we install siding on our houses we use a variety of products to provide an appealing and one of a kind look  that will also protect it from the harsh elements of the ever changing weather.

     During final stages of building we will walk you through the necessary steps to complete all  the required paperwork to transfer the title of the property to you, the buyer. 
   When the closing process is complete you will be able to move into your new house and furnish it to fit your style.
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